Washingtonian Magazine - May 2004

Beyond Tandoori

A New Generation of Authentic Restaurants Explores the Rich Diversity of Indian Cooking

By Monica Bhide
May 01, 2004
Washingtonian Magazine

Owner Naresh Advani, a 27-year veteran of the restaurant business, has helped start some 15 Indian restaurants worldwide. General manager Patrick Lazarus, who has been with Advani for more than 20 years, ensures good service. The food is prepared impeccably by the Quereshi brothers, members of a legendary family who served as the chefs of Indian royalty and who descended from the Mogul rulers who came to Indian from Persia. The cuisine reflects the liberal Persian use of nuts,cream,yogurt,clarified butter,dry fruits,cinnamon, and cloves. The dinner menu features such dishes as Lobster Angara (angara means spark), lobster cooked in a fiery red spice; a delicate cashew roll of potatoes and nuts; and the gently spiced Murg Badami, chicken cooked in a creamy almond sauce.

The Supper Club of India is located at 13055 Worldgate Drive. Call 703-736-0466.

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