Our Menu


1. Aloo Tuk $6.00
Crispy baby potatoes tossed in a sweet, sour and spicy sauce

2. Paneer Til Pakora $6.00
Cottage cheese fingers coated with sesame seeds and gram flour batter

3. Paneer Chilli Poppers $6.00
Jalepeno stuffed with spicy hot cottage cheese (mirchi bhajjia)

4. Samosa Chaat $6.00
Samosa, chick peas, served with yogurt, tamarind and mint sauce

5. Spinach & Onion Bhajjia $6.00
Spinach, onion & gramflour fritters mildly spiced

6. Hari Bhari Tikki $5.00
Spiced vegetable, potatoes and cottage cheese patties

7. Bhel Puri $6.00
A medley of gramflour vermicelli, rice crisps, potatoes, peanuts etc, seasoned and tossed in a traditional chutney

8. Veg Samosa $5.00
Seasoned potatoes wrapped in a light pastry

9. Chicken Tikka $8.00
Cubes of chicken, marinated with yogurt and spiced, cooked in a tandoor

10. Amritsari Fish Fry $7.00
Mahi Mahi marinated with carom seeds, batter fried

11. Shammi Kabab $7.00
Minced seasoned lamb patties


12. Tamatar Ka Shorba $5.00
Tomato soup mildly spiced

13. Mulugutwany Soup $5.00
A curried lentil based soup, choice of veg or chicken

14. Sweet Corn Soup $5.00
Choice of egg/veg/chicken


15. Murg Tandoori $14.00
Marinated spring chicken grilled in a tandoor

16. Murg Tikka Kesari $15.00
Saffron flavored boneless chicken breast finished in a clay oven

17. Murg Malai Tikka $15.00
Breast of chicken marinated in a yoghurt, cream, cashewnut, green cardamom and cooked on charcoal

18. Murg Hari Mirch Tikka $15.00
Boneless chicken marinated in hot green masala and cooked in a tandoor

19. Murg Achari Tikka $15.00
Boneless chicken pickled and grilled in a clay oven

20. Lamb Chops $24.00
Lamb chops marinated and finished over a slow charcoal fire

21. Sheekh Kabab $16.00
Skewered minced lamb rolls blended with cashewnuts and spiced.

22. Saunfiyan Salmon $17.00
Salmon flavoured with fennel, grilled in a tandoor

23. Jhinga Pudhina $20.00
Jumbo prawns marinated with mint, spices and grilled over charcoal

24. Lobster Angara $25.00
Shelled lobster marinated in red masala and finished in a tandoor

25. Kali Mirch Ke Boti $17.00
Deboned lamb marinated and finished with black peppers in a tandoor

26. Hariyali Paneer Tikka $14.00
Cottage cheese with mint, cilantro and green masala grilled on charcoal

27. Lal Mirch Ka Paneer Tikka $14.00
Cottage cheese spiced with red chilli flakes


28. Murg Phaal $18.00
The hottest curry in the world. First restaurant to introduce phaal in the washington area

29. Murg Kolhapuri $15.00
Our chef's speciality,an exotic hot spicy curry from maharashtra

30. Murg Chettinad $15.00
A fiery hot south indian speciality

31. Murg Tikka Makhni $15.00
Boneless chicken breast grilled in a Tandoor and finished in a rich creamy tomato sauce

32. Murg Tikka Masala $15.00
Boneless chicken breast grilled in a tandoor and finished in chef's exotic gravy

33. Murg Badami $15.00
Chicken breast finished in an almond and cream sauce

34. Kadai Murg $15.00
Chicken cooked with onions, tomatoes and green pepper, finished with thick masala

35. Murg Methi Chaman $15.00
Boneless chicken finished with tomatoes, garlic and fresh fenugreek

36. Murg Palak $15.00
Chicken finished with mildly spiced spinach

37. Murg Vindaloo $15.00
Boneless chicken and potatoes in a red chilli and vinegar sauce


38.Lobster Nizami $26.00
Lobster mildly spiced, finished in chef's secret recipe

39. Jhinga Madras $19.00
Prawns cooked with coconut and tempered with mustard seeds

40. Bombay Fish Curry $18.00
Fish cubes simmered in bombay style, with onions tomatoes and home ground spices

41. Shrimp Kolhapuri $18.00
Our chef's speciality, an exotic hot spicy curry from maharashtra


42. Lamb Chop Masala $26.00
Tandoori lamb chops delicately spiced and finished in a rich tomato and brown gravy

43. Lamb Phaal $20.00
The hottest curry in the world. First restaurant to introduce phaal in the washington area

44. Gosht Kolhapuri $16.00
Our chef's specilaity, an exotic hot spicy curry from maharashtra

45. Gosht Achari $16.00
Lamb in an exotic marinade, finished in a spicy sauce

46. Gosht Methi Chaman $16.00
Lamb cooked with tomato, garlic in a fresh fenugreek sauce

47. Gosht Korma $16.00
Boneless pieces of lamb finished in an onion and cashewnut based sauce

48. Gosht Palak $16.00
Lamb finished with mildly spiced spinach

49. Gosht Vindaloo $16.00
Boneless lamb and potatoes cooked in a fiery red chilli and vinegar sauce

50. Gosht Roganjosh $16.00
North indian lamb specialty

51. Bhuna Ghost $16.00
Lamb cooked in a thick onion & tomato masala, finished with nuts and raisins


52. Bhindi Do Piyaza $13.00
Okra cooked with onions and mildly spiced

53. Hari Makai Sabzi $13.00
Corn cooked with a hot and sweet cilantro sauce

54. Kesari Kofta $13.00
Potatoes, cottage cheese, vegetables and dry fruit dumplings, finished in a mild saffron flavored sauce

55. Paneer Mirch Masala $14.00
Cottage cheese cooked with green chillies and onions

56. Kadai Paneer $14.00
Cottage cheese cooked with onions, tomatoes, green peppers and finished with a thick masala

57. Palak Paneer $14.00
Chopped spinach cooked with cottage cheese with a hint of spices

58. Paneer Makhani $14.00
Cottage cheese finished in a rich creamy tomato sauce

59. Aloo Gobi $13.00
Potatoes and cauliflower, tossed with tomatoes mildy spiced

60. Jeera Aloo $13.00
Potatoes tossed with cumin seeds

61. Achari Baingan $13.00
Eggplant tossed in spicy tomato onion masala, finished with black onion seed and fennel

62. Broccoli Korma $13.00
Broccoli finished in an onion and cashewnut based sauce

63. Channa Pindi $13.00
Garbanzo beans finished in a brown gravy

64. Dal Tadkewali $11.00
A medley of lentils tempered with tomatoes, cumin and fresh cilantro

65. Dal Makhni $11.00
A combination of black whole lentils and kidney beans finished with herbs and spices


66. Murg Biryani $15.00
Saffron flavored basmati rice cooked with succulent pieces of chicken in a blend of exotic herbs and spices

67. Dum Ka Gosht Biryani $16.00
Fragrant basmati rice cooked with tender pieces of lamb in a blend of exotic herbs and spices

68. Jhinga Biryani $17.00
Shrimp cooked with aromatic rice blended with herbs and spices

69. Vegetable Biryani $13.00
A medley of vegetables cooked with basmati rice and herbs

70. Jeera Pulao $5.00
Basmati rice flavored with cumin


71. Naan $2.50
White fluffy refined flour bread

72. Roti $2.50
Whole-wheat flour bread

73. Laccha Paratha $3.00
Multi layered whole wheat bread

74. Onion Kulcha $3.50
White flour bread stuffed with chopped onions

75. Garlic Naan $3.50
White flour bread sprinkled with chopped garlic

76. Pudina Paratha $3.50
Whole wheat bread sprinkled with mint

77. Aloo Paratha $3.50
Potatoes and green peas stuffed in a whole wheat bread

78. Paneer Kulcha $3.50
Whole wheat bread stuffed with cottage cheese and herbs

79. Shahajani Naan $3.50
Light fluffy bread stuffed with nuts and dry fruits

80. Bread Basket $9.00
Garlic naan, pudina paratha, paneer kulcha


81. Mixed Raita $3.50
Tomatoes, onions, cucumber and cilantro blended with seasoned yogurt

82. Orange Raita $3.50
Mandarin orange segments mixed with raisins and yogurt

83. Mango Chutney $1.00
Sweet and sour mango accompaniment

84. Achaar $1.00
Mixed vegetables, pickled

85. Papad $2.00
Roasted lentil crackers

86. Kachumber Salad $5.00
Tomatoes, cucumber, onions tossed together

87. SuppperClub Salad $6.00
Fresh lettuce with orange segments, cottage cheese, walnuts, croutons sprinkled with parmesan cheese


88. Rasmalai $4.00
Creamed cheesecakes in sweetened milk, served chilled

89. Rasagulla $4.00
Cheese balls soaked in syrup. A specialty of Bengal

90. Gulab Jamun $4.00
Milk dumplings soaked in rose flavored sugar syrup served hot

91. Kheer Badami $4.00
Traditional rice pudding blended and topped with slivered almonds

92. Gajjar Halwa $4.00
Finely grated carrots reduced in milk with nuts and raisins

93. Ice Cream $4.00
Homemade indian ice cream assorted flavors


94. Mango Lassi $4.00
A sweet yogurt drink

95. Sweet/Salted Lassi $3.50
Sweet or salted yogurt drink

96. Masala Tea $2.50
Spiced indian tea

97. Ice Tea $2.50

98. Coffee (reg/decaf) $2.50

99. Juices $3.00

100. Sodas $2.00

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