Virginia Living June 2005

Indian Restaurant Tour

By Monica Bhide
June 01, 2005
Virginia Living

Head over to the Supper Club on a Sunday for their pampering buffet. The chefs, of Persian heritage, make even the simplest of ingredients shine. Their Methi Malai Mattar, an exquisite, mildly spiced dish with baby peas simmered in nut sauce, and their delicate potato-cashew croquettes(Kaju rolls) are musts. Their service is consistently superior to most other places, and the staff always makes you feel welcome. If you are a fan of the Indian yogurt drink Mango Lassi, be sure to try Supper Club's creamy version. Naresh Advani, owner of Supper Club of India, is a 27-year veteran of the restaurant business. He has helped start over 15 Indian restaurants worldwide, and under his expert guidance this little-known restaurant shines. The decor, reminiscent of a royal era gone by, is beautiful. The paintings and photographs of Indian royalty have all been handpicked by the owner and bring an inviting charm to the dining room.

The Supper Club of India is located at 13055 Worldgate Drive. Call 703-736-0466.

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